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Mar 25

How Do You Replace a Metal Roof?

When choosing whether to repair or replace your metal roof, at times the cost of reroofing can turn out to be more reasonable than a repair. This is often true for an old metal roof that has gone through multiple repairs that render it irreparable, especially if you live in an area where there are thunderstorms and hail. Besides looking out for tell-tale signs that your roof needs to be replaced, you could also consider getting a professional to assess whether a repair or replacement is more suitable for your home.

Replace your metal roof

Before replacing your metal roof, start by clearing the roof and ground area of any general rubbish to help ensure a smoother and safer build. When removing your old metal roof, remove them one section at a time. If you have a large roof, this may take more time and you may require two days to completely strip off the old material. Before installing your new metal roof, ensure that the roof is properly insulated to Australian standards and comply with any building codes. Only then can you install your new metal roof panels.

It is recommended to have at least one person who is knowledgeable about installing metal roofs to help you out during the whole reroofing process. Roofing is not just a tedious job, it can also be dangerous and messy. Your reroofing project can be completed quicker and more efficiently with help.

Hire a professional

On the other hand, consider hiring a professional to help you replace your metal roof. Not only do they know how to handle older metal roofing like corrugated iron roofing, they will also know the advantages of newer metal roofs including galvanised steel and ColorbondĀ® steel roofs.

Choosing to replace your own metal roof also carries more risks if you are not a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a qualified roof installer. A fall from the roof can result is serious injuries and inexperience can result in permanent damage to the roof. If your roof replacement project is not progressing quick enough, you will need to make sure your roof is watertight and take time out another day to continue.

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