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Roof Replacement

Premier Roof Restoration, Reroofing or Maintenance Across North Sydney & Beyond

If you have a renovation, restoration or maintenance or project that requires a Colorbond metal roof or standing seam zinc roof we have a highly skilled team of certified tradesman to deliver a quality result.

Industry recognised by the Master Builders Association & Metal Roofing & Cladding Association of Australia, Hooky’s Roofing is the trusted leader in providing quality craftsmanship and has delivered on over three thousand projects throughout Sydney over the past 20 years. We have a proven track record in delivering roof replacement in both Colorbond and Lysaght klip lok metal roofing and restoration so homeowners and project managers can feel assured our service is of the highest quality.

Peace of Mind with Guaranteed Warranty on Reroofing, Restoration & Replacement Projects

Often the cost of having a roof replaced can often be more affordable than conducting repairs & restoration. For dilapidated roofs with significant damage, reroofing is the better option as it ensures it is in perfect condition for years.

We currently have over 600 jobs under warranty and all our residential Colorbond roof replacements come with a special 10ry workmanship warranty and we’ve been offering this for over 20yrs now. We only use Bluescope Colorbond metal roofing from Lysaght, Stramit, Metroll or VM Zinc, to ensure all our product meet the high industry standards we maintain on all our sites.

Roof Replacements & Maintenance Using Weather & Damage Control Systems

Customers who often engage our re-roofing services are generally concerned about how we are proposing on keeping the property safe from any potential weather events during the construction phase, and/or how we’ll ensure the surrounding property won’t be destroyed though out the process of replacing an existing roof with a Colorbond roof. Hooky’s Roofing has a long history looking after people’s assets, in over 20yrs of re-roofing we’ve completed over 3500 roof replacements and have over 90 written references from clients all over North Sydney and beyond. We take the weather very seriously and don’t trust forecasters, we have satellite imaging systems we access for real time observation, and we don’t take hazardous risks. Our staff are very well trained and we don’t leave sites until your new Colorbond metal roof is fully water tight.

Site Access

Hookys roofing also has high expertise in re-roofing where access is a problem and cranes and compliance are important. If you have an inaccessible metal roof that needs replacing, we have some options that can ensure your metal roof is replaced with minimal delay and inconvenience.

Roof Replacement, Restoration & Maintenance Projects Quotations

If you would like to replace your existing tile roof with a new Colorbond metal roof and would like a free quote from a specialized metal roofing company that has a proven track record in roofing on the northern beaches and Sydney’s upper north shore, contact us and we can advise you on your best options. Call 0408 026 601, or fill out our simple online enquiry form today.

‘Following  two very  bad  hailstorms in  St  Ives over  the  last 3  years,  my wife  and  I decided  to  change our  damaged  cement tile  roof  and three Perspex  skylights  to an  Ocean  Blue Colorbond  Roof  with double  glazed  Velux glass  skylights.  We also  replaced  our gutters,  downpipes  and roofing  over  a Pool  Equipment  room. 

We have no  reservations,  and in  fact would Highly recommend  Glenn  Van den  Hoek  and  his  team for any  roofing  work.’ 

John & Stella Eggins