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Feb 10

How to Choose A New Roof for Your Coastal Property

Your new coastal property has a great ocean views and is just minutes away from the scenic beach. While a beach property is a great asset to have, the house is vulnerable to the sea breeze, extreme winds and torrential rains. When selecting appropriate materials for your new coastal home, consider putting extra thought into your roofing as it is meant to shield your home from the harsh elements. You need to ensure that your new roof is durable and can withstand severe weather that is characteristic of coastal areas in Australia.

Tile roofs

Tiles are one of the hardiest roofing materials you can select for your home by the sea. It can withstand wild winds and torrential rains, will not rot, and is also resistant to fire. Unfortunately, tiles are very heavy and require reinforcement for the roof and proper ventilation for the summer heat which can add up your total cost. Tiles also may not be the best choice to match the aesthetics of most modern homes.

Aluminium roofs

Aluminium roofs have been gaining popularity due to its numerous properties that make it an ideal roofing material. They help homeowners save costs on heating and cooling as it naturally reflects heat and emits heat. In addition, they are relatively durable, resistant to corrosion, require minimal maintenance and lightweight. It is clear why aluminium roofing is the preferred choice for coastal property owners and developers.

Copper roofs

Another possible alternative material to roofing is copper. Copper roofs naturally resists corrosion and are lightweight. Unfortunately, copper is considered a softer material and hence dents and scratches easily. Coupled with the fact that copper is more expensive than other materials available, few coastal property owners will choose copper when replacing their roof.

Steel roofs

While inexpensive, durable, and lightweight, steel on its own will not survive the salty breeze on the coast. At Hooky’s Roofing, we provide steel roofing with a wide range of COLORBOND colours that will suit any style of home. COLORBOND steel is strong and resistant to corrosion, making it a low-maintenance metal roof that lasts.

When choosing a new roof replacement in the coastal areas of Sydney, ask our roof specialists at Hooky’s Roofing about COLORBOND metal roofing. Contact us at 0408 026 601 or send an email about any roof restoration or maintenance services you may need.

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