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Insulation comes in many different thicknesses with a range different tolerances and R values. It can be very confusing to select the correct product without being misled and directed into a product that will cause you moisture and condensation problems. Hookys roofing has vast amount of expertise to assist you with selecting the correct insulation product for you new Colorbond Metal roof. If you’re unsure about our recommendations or want further information, we suggest reading the ICANZ ( the independent insulation council of Australia and New Zealand) This booklet has R values for  just about every building material application available. Helps keep misleading suppliers honest. Below is some information on a few insulation products we use.


  • High thermal performance – year-round comfort
  • Sound absorbing
  • Non-combustible
  • Long rolls for industrial metal roofs
  • No added formaldehyde
  • Soft to handle and install
  • Compression packed – more product per pack
  • Odourless.

Knauf Earthwool® Roof blanket (unfaced) provides thermal and acoustic insulation for commercial roofs. Condensation control can be achieved when the product is faced with foil of the appropriate duty classification. The Earthwool® Roof blanket (unfaced) range includes a selection of R-Values to provide builders, designers and installers the opportunity to choose the best thermal performance for their project. Earthwool® Roof blanket (unfaced) will improve the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of the building in which it has been installed thus keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. Supersoft to handle and install, Earthwool® is made using up to 80% recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology, a sustainable, bio-based binder that contains no added formaldehyde.

Supatherm earth wool Blanket combines two very effective forms of insulation into a single product for maximum performance. It consists of an earthwool glasswool blanket – the world’s most popular insulation – adhered to a reflective foil facing. The reflective foil acts as a barrier, which reflects up to 95% of radiant heat entering your roof cavity and prevents condensation, while the blanket absorbs outside noise and slows the transfer of heat into and out of your home. Supatherm has a 150mm foil overlap for added condensation protection.

Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal™ is a 45 mil (1.14mm), self-adhering waterproofing underlayment composed of a non-slip, cross-laminated polymer film laminated to a High Temperature adhesive system. Ultra HT is engineered for use as a whole roof underlayment for shingle and metal roofing systems. It can also be used in valleys, ridges, eaves and around chimneys for protection against ice dams and wind-driven rain.

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