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Jul 01

The Advantages of a Metal Roof

A new roof should be treated as an important investment and choosing the right material for the job is important. Whether it’s for a commercial new build or a residential property makeover, metal is an attractive, durable option for your roof. Here are some of the many advantages of a metal roof.

Energy Efficient

New advancements in metal roofing materials have increased their energy efficiency for both warm and cool seasons. In the summer months, new high-tech coatings help to reflect the sun and keep your roof from absorbing excess heat. When the weather turns cold, the no seam gap which is common in metal roofing these days will help with insulation both holding in warm air and keeping cool air out.

Environmentally Friendly

Most metal roofing is manufactured using recycled materials which makes it an environmentally friendly option. It’s also fully recyclable at the end of its lifespan for use in many other metal products, so it’s the material that keeps on giving.


Unlike your garden or your interior design, you don’t want to be changing your roof on a regular basis. With a lifespan of up to 70 years you can be sure your metal roof is an investment that will last and continue to look good. Strong winds, heavy rainfall and other intense weather events aren’t going to leave a a dent in your metal roof.

Low Maintenance

As an added bonus, with a strong material like metal, you are less likely to require maintenance. Compared to other popular roofing materials, such as tiles, a metal roof requires much less maintenance and shouldn’t be broken. It’s still recommended you have occasional checks for regular wear and tear.

Fast Installation

In many building projects, time is of the essence. With professional roofers installing a metal roof, you can rest assured your project will be completed on time. Metal roofing is produced in sheets that are fast to install and it’s very lightweight making it simple to transport.

Enlist the Professionals

With experience in commercial and residential projects, Hooky’s Roofing are the experts you need to complete a professional metal roof installation. We use Colorbond roofing by Bluescope Steel to provide high-quality finishes in a wide range of colours for all kinds of roofing projects. For a quote on your installation or to learn more about our services, call the team on 0408 026 601.

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