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Jun 01

Reroofing vs. Roof Replacement: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes time to change up your roof, you’ll probably notice all the options out there for you. There’s a new roof, reroofing and roof replacements. A new roof is pretty simple to understand; but what about the others? Which is going to fit your budget? Is one better than the other for lifespan? Read on to learn how reroofing and roof replacements are different, yet the same.

Reroofing vs Roof Replacement

Traditionally, reroofing and roof replacement were different tasks but these days they can be used interchangeably. Reroofing can either be a roof overlay or a tear off project. Roof overlay projects are when a new layer of the same roofing material is added. Most roofing experts no longer recommend this method, though it is highly cost-effective for homeowners. It doesn’t last well and can sometimes cover up roofing damage that becomes a problem over time.

Tear off reroofing and roof replacements are much the same. This is where the existing material is removed and replaced with new roofing materials or a different material altogether. Roof replacements typically replace only part of your roof, such as during renovations, though they can be done for an entirely new roof.

Signs it’s time to update your roof

Many roofs won’t require replacement, though if your has been poorly or incorrectly installed, leaks frequently or has been repaired unsuccessfully numerous times, it may be time to consider repairs. Tell-tale signs it’s time to upgrade your roof include; cracks in the roof materials, granules in your gutters and water leaks or ceiling stains inside your home. Learn more about the signs with our blog 5 signs you need a roof replacement.

Advantages of reroofing

1. Strong support: if you opt for layover reroofing, you’ll have a strong barrier between your roofing materials and your internal ceilings that even the worst weather can’t break.

2. Aesthetic appeal: reroofing is a low-cost way to make your roof appear new, which in turn adds value to your home.

3. It’s a fast project: reroofing rarely takes the professionals long which means you won’t have put up with your roof problems for long either.

Advantages of roof replacement

1. Peace of mind: a professionally installed roof from brand new materials resets the lifespan and gives you peace of mind that it’s going to last for a long time.

2. Aesthetic appeal: whether it’s part of your home renovation or a commercial project, a roof replacement gives you the chance to rework your building designs. Pick a new colour, try a new material – the choice is yours.

3. The latest materials: roofing materials don’t change too often, but brands like Colorbond and Monier are constantly improving their materials for weather, style and durability. A roof replacement means you’ll have the most up to date materials on your home.

Reroofing with Monier roof tiles

Hooky’s Roofing specialise in tile reroofing with Monier terracotta or cement tiles. These roof tiles have a 50 year warranty which makes them a sound investment for your property. Tiled roofs can add significantly to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Since they are long-lasting, a fresh tile roof is likely to increase your property value by at least 3%.

Roof replacements with Colorbond

We also specialise in metal roof replacements using Colorbond metal or standing seam zinc roofing. Roof replacements can cost more than reroofing, but they are your best option when your roof is very damaged. If you’re worried about the cost of a quality Colorbond roof replacement, there’s two things you should know. First, Colorbond is designed to last for up to 100 years so the cost over time is minimal. Second, Hooky’s Roofing offer a 10 year workmanship warranty which means any unexpected faults or problems are covered – at no cost to you. Metal roofing is a highly attractive choice that also adds to your property value and the colour range with Colorbond is huge. It may seem like a big decision, but we’re sure it’s a worthwhile investment for your home.

Which should you choose?

As always, your repair choices depend on many factors, such as heritage restrictions in your area, your budget and the state of your roof damage. It’s hard to go wrong whether you choose reroofing or roof replacement, but to be safe you should seek professional advice. Sydney has some of the highest density of housing in Australia and when there’s storms, it’s almost impossible to get an honest opinion or accurate report of your leaking roof. Smart phones are good tools for ensuring tradesmen provide photos to help clients asses their roof.

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