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Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing and KLIP-LOK roofing for Sydney Homes

Hooky’s Roofing only uses the highest quality metal roofing accessories and anti-condensation insulation products, including COLORBOND, KLIP-LOK roofing and CUSTOM BLUE ORB, for Sydney homes. BlueScope COLORBOND® has invested in powder coated steel for over 50 years in Australia. It’s proven technology, and proven track record are second to none.

Metal roofing comes in a wide range of COLORBOND base colours and profile shapes, sizes & contours to suit a range of Architectural styles. For coastal application COLORBOND Ultra is the industry specified composition where heavy industrial influences may affect the durability of the COLORBOND on a metal roof. COLORBOND generally comes with a 20-year warranty outside of 200m-400m from calm or heavy marine influences. COLORBOND now has the added bonus of thermatech® technology, which reflects more heat and can reduce up to 20% in energy consumption.

We are also highly experienced in Bush fire prone metal roof installations in all four bush fire codes FZ flame zone, Bal-40, Bal-29 and Bal-19. If you have a project that requires a quote for a specified BlueScope COLORBOND metal roof, and is located inside a bushfire zone, Hooky’s Roofing can advise on compliance to ensure your COLORBOND metal roofing meets all requirements to attain council certification for occupancy. We also offer great KLIP-LOK roofing prices to keep your Sydney home stylish and comfortable.

From KLIP-LOK to COLORBOND, find the best roofing for you


The original Australian corrugated roof sheeting and wall cladding ideal for modern and traditional architecture in residential and commercial applications.

  • A lightweight yet strong roofing and walling material
  • Versatile – Can be laid flat or sprung curved
  • Nominal cover width: 762mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 5°


Versatile roof and wall cladding featuring bold, trapezoidal ribs and subtle fluting in the pans. Ideal for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

  • Long spanning cladding permitting wide support spacing
  • Can be used with TRIM-KLIP™ end and expansion joint system
  • Nominal cover width: 762mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 2°


The more ductile corrugated roof and wall cladding that is suitable for bullnosing and curving into a range of concave and convex shapes.

  • Ideal for traditional bullnosed verandahs
  • Can be curved into an array of designs
  • Nominal cover width: 762mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 5°


An advancement of the original concealed fix roof cladding with bold ribs making a strong visual statement rising from flat pans. KLIP-LOK roofing a superior product which has earned FM Global approval.

  • Concealed fixed offering supreme watertightness
  • Can be used with LOK-KLIP® end and expansion joint system
  • Nominal cover width: 700mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 1° (subject to design provisions being met)


Strong, versatile long-length KLIP-LOK roofing or walling. The concealed fastening method enables its use on many applications from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling.

  • Fixing clips secure sheets without puncturing
  • No exposed fasteners for clean, smooth lines
  • Nominal cover width: 406mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 1°

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Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® Concealed Fixed Decking

Manufactured from hi-tensile G550 colour coated steel or zinc-aluminium alloy coated steel. In some locations galvanised and severe environmental colour coated steel may be available by arrangement. Colour coated steels are in accordance with AS2728 – Category 3 and, for the substrate, with AS1397. Zinc-aluminium alloy coated AZ150 and galvanised Z450 conform to AS1397.


  • Wide Cover – fewer sheets and quicker installation.
  • Deep Ribs – stronger and stiffer with better water carrying capacity; roof slopes as low as 1°.
  • Full Length Clips – to locate ribs and compress insulation.
  • Four Fixing Points Per Clip – with centralised fastening for unsurpassed strength.
  • Hexagon Head Screws – bigger, stronger and easier to install, with less wastage.
  • Outstanding Wind Load Resistance – improved security with lower purlin costs.
  • Spring Curving – data for arched and curved roofs.
  • Automatic Bird Proofing – built in accessory with no need for extra components.
  • Compatible lap joint system allows in-plane long run roofs provides solution for limited access sites.


Stramit® Corrugated Roof and Wall Cladding

  • Economical – low cost roof and wall cladding available in long lengths.
  • Easy Fixing – conventional through fixed screws maximise performance and installation.
  • 762mm Cover – quick installation and easy handling.
  • Hi-tensile Steel – light weight and high strength.
  • 5° Minimum Pitch – to suit most traditional applications.
  • Anti-capillary Side Laps – 11/2 rib overlaps for weather protection.
  • Spring Curving – ideal for curved roofs.
  • Curving Quality – available in G300 steel for architectural roofs or bullnosing.
  • Fully Tested – a full range of load performance tables to suit most applications.


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