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Sep 12

5 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

Your roof hasn’t been looking too great recently, but how can you tell if its normal wear and tear or something to worry about? Here’s 5 signs that your roof could use a replacement and how to identify them safely.

How to inspect your roof 

The safest way to inspect your roof is from the ground using binoculars. If you suspect it’s time for a roof replacement, seek an expert opinion and don’t attempt to walk on your roof alone. 

Cracks in the roof material

Whether you’ve got a shingle, tile or metal roof – cracks are a sign of trouble. If you can see them easily from the ground then you’ll be needing a new roof sooner rather than later. If you can’t see cracks from the ground, try checking inside your home. Head up to the attic and see if there’s sunlight streaming in anywhere it’s not meant to be.

Granules in your gutters

Finding pieces of your roof in the gutters tells you that the materials are disintegrating. When cleaning your gutters keep an eye out for granules of roof material. Read about the features of great gutters in our previous blog.

Water leaks & ceiling stains 

Water leaking through during a storm is a sign of holes which will soon lead to a weak roof. If you have water leaking in more than one room, your entire roof may be a problem. Another sign of water leaking could be stains on your ceiling.

The age of your roof

Most roofing materials last 20+ years in ideal weather conditions. But, freak weather events like extreme heat, strong winds or heavy storms can impact how long your roof lasts. After about 10-15 years you should check your roof regularly for signs of ageing like discolouration, cracks or sagging.

You’ve repaired it multiple times

if you’ve been repairing bits and pieces of your roof every few years, it might be time to consider an entirely new one. At this rate you’ll replace the entire roof piece by piece which is an expensive choice when you could solve the trouble yourself with a roof replacement straight away.

Ask an expert for advice

At Hooky’s Roofing, we take extra care to make sure there’s no weather damage to your property while we install your new roof. We use satellite imagery to ensure an accurate weather report and offer a 10-year warranty on our work. For more information on our roof replacements, get in touch on 0408 026 601.

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