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Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections with Comprehensive Professional Roof Condition Reports

We specialise in providing the most comprehensive roof inspections and roof inspection reports for residents and businesses across Sydney. With decades of experience and an uncompromising attention to detail, we are able to evaluate the condition of your roof and find any areas that present infractions to Australian building codes such as N.C.C 2016 Vol.2, AS 1562.1, AS 1562.3 and SA HB 39 2015. Our reputation within the industry and in depth understanding of building standards are key reasons we are the first choice for Sydney roof inspections and professionally certified roof condition reports for commercial and domestic buildings.

We Provide The Following Roof Inspection Services Across Sydney

Sydney Roof Inspections

There are many reasons Hookys Roofing inspection service is respected amongst builders and industry experts across Sydney and NSW. The first is the level of detail our roof condition reports include. With each defect noted along with images and reference to rectification and in the case of buildings still under warranty or under construction, the relevant Australian standard, we also include advice and recommendations to remedy the issue as well as providing solutions that will extend the lifespan of your roof and ensure that you’re not wasting time and money from roof repairers who fail to resolve the issues or conclude what’s the source of the problem.

The most important reason for selecting Hookys Roofing to undertake your roof inspections is the experience and comprehensive understanding present within our staff in the metal roofing, roof plumbing, and roof tile industry. We have extensive experience in heritage-listed buildings and commercial buildings which are present throughout Sydney and present their own challenges when it comes to finding viable solutions that will extend the longevity of these assets and help ensure a desired outcome is achieved for the clients and owners of these buildings. We also understand our clients and have become aware over the years how important it is for them to minimise disruption to their tenants and businesses to ensure they get a measured outcome for that investment.

Roof Condition Reports

We offer our roof condition reports for those who have had work carried out on their roof recently whether it’s due to renovations and are not happy with the outcome or have had solar panels and skylights installed. For the most part contractors will carry out work to a high standard but due to your roof being difficult to access and out of sight the temptation to take shortcuts can be too much for some unscrupulous companies which leads to bigger problems down the line.

Poor or hurried installations can leave your roof exposed to water ingress more so long after the roof has been completed and is out of warranty. By having a complete, comprehensive certified roof condition report with references to Australian standards can ensure you receive the outcome you paid for and rectify any issues which left unrectified can become major problems down the track.

Architectural Design Review of Roof Plans

We also offer consultancy reports on new drawings or pre builds which can ensure all provisions have been implemented to maintain compliance and minimise poorly executed roof installations.

Available to project managers, architects and builders/commercial clients within Sydney, our design review service is suitable for any type of building ranging from your new home to large commercial or residential buildings such as multi-level buildings.


Fed up with repairing your businesses roof and being told conflicting things on the condition of your commercial asset? We can help with a professional roof condition report that can allow you to get it resolved confidently.

  • Expert Advice on asset management and detailed pre purchase reports for commercial roofing.
  • Include conditions reports, photos and professional options on long term prevention and ways to minimise damage control for access to plant/mechanical items that require maintenance on projects.
  • Safety Audits and cost-effective solutions to ensuring less people can access to roof in areas that are unsafe and ensure areas that damage prevention is crucial are restricted.
  • Plant equipment inspections to ensure limited connection and contamination from air conditioners and condensers.
    Drone options are also available.


Fed up with repairing your roof and being told conflicting things on the condition of your roof? We can help with a professional roof condition report that can allow you to get it resolved confidently.

  • Pre-purchase reports.
  • Insurance disputes.
  • Post-Build reports.
  • Thorough assessment.
  • Scope of works.
  • Predesign/drawing architecture advice.
  • Design advice on new building design and architectural.
  • Professional advice on profile selection.
  • Site management for damage control.
  • Quote and contractor selection advice.
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