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Aug 31

Caring for Your Roof Post-Winter: 5 Maintenance Tips

It may not snow much in Australia, but the winter weather is the worst kind for roof damage. Post-winter it’s worth checking over your roof and giving it a little TLC. Here’s 5 maintenance tips that will help keep your roof in its best condition for the long run.

Check for leaf build up

Leaves hold a lot of moisture and moisture can mean mould. If leaves have built up across your roof over winter and been sodden with rain, they could cause water damage to your roof. View your roof from a safe distance or on a sturdy ladder for excess leaves.

Clean your gutters

Gutters work their hardest when it rains. As the weather dries up, it’s an ideal time to give them a good clean. Dried leaves in the summertime are also a hazard for fires in Australia so there’s no benefit to leaving your gutters alone. Learn more about the importance of gutters in our previous blog.

Trim back your trees

Even in the summer months, Sydney’s weather can mean wild winds and dry storms. If you have a number of trees branching over your roof, it’s worth getting those trimmed back. You’ll avoid the risk of them breaking off and falling onto your roof which can cause major damage. It’s a good idea to check your trees regularly, but especially after a wet winter as these are ideal conditions for them to grow.

Check inside your home

Signs of water damage aren’t always clear from the roof itself, but they will be noticeable inside on your ceilings. Either head to the attic or find the highest points of your home that’s directly exposed to your roof. If you find signs of damage, it’s best to get a professional to look over your external roof and offer advice.

Consider a replacement

Been thinking about replacing your roof? Professionals can handle a roof replacement at any time of year, but bad weather can halt your project. By the end of winter, you know that months of clear weather are coming. Now might be the perfect time to start getting quotes and looking at your options. Read our past blog for 5 signs you need a roof replacement.

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