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Jul 15
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5 Benefits to Metal Roofing in All Climates

Rain, hail and more often than not, shine – the weather in Sydney is varied for sure. We all want to stay cool in summer and warm all winter long, and with the right roof, you can do just that. Here’s 5 benefits to a metal roof at every time of year.

  1. Watertight

The pitter patter of winter rain on a metal roof is very calming, unless you’re springing a leak. With a professionally installed metal roof, you can rest assured it will be watertight. There are special sealants that can be applied to metal roofing which gives it an extra bit of protection too.

  1. Smooth surface

The rough, uneven surfacing of some roofing materials tends to mean ice, water and debris can get stuck. With a smooth metal roof all of these things and more should slide right off.

  1. Traps heat in

In summer, Colorbond roofing makes sure your home stays pleasantly cool with its low thermal mass. This means it’s designed to cool down quickly once the sun disappears. In winter, with quality insulation, this lightweight material can also make sure your home holds its heat.

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  1. Durable & long-lasting

When we talk about harsh weather, we mean any weather events that are likely to deteriorate your roof. This could be excessive rains, extreme dry heat or even strong winds. Metal roofs have a typical lifespan over 50 years and modern metal materials have been built to withstand even the harshest conditions.

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  1. Wide colour choice

The colour of your roof can help improve its performance in certain climates. Metal roofing has a wide variety of colours to choose from. If you’re more concerned about staying cool in summer, a light coloured roof is best to reflect sunlight. If you spend a majority of the year in cooler weather, a darker coloured roof will help absorb the warmth from the sun.

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