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Sep 23

Does a Metal Roof Affect Your Wi-Fi?

Fast internet is a modern-day essential and most of us want to avoid anything that is going to interfere with our reception. People often question whether a metal roof can interfere with their wi-fi, so we’re here to put rumours to rest. Whether you’re experiencing slow internet and wonder if your roof is to blame or you’re considering a new roof – we answer the common question; does a metal roof affect your wi-fi?

Good news: your metal roof will not affect wi-fi

The idea that a metal roof will make your wi-fi worse probably came from the fact that metal objects can interfere with communication signals. It’s usually because they are dense objects in close proximity to the signal sender. Your metal roof is not likely to be dense enough or close enough to your wi-fi router to create a problem.

What can affect your wi-fi?

There are lots of simple reasons your wi-fi connection might be slow. Here’s three common reasons for slow internet, none of which are your metal roof:

Your device is too far from the router

A wi-fi router sends out a connection signal to a certain distance. The further away you are from the signal centre, the slower your internet may be. Outside of this distance you won’t have any connection at all. If you’re far away from your wi-fi router you may be outside its connection distance. Your metal roof will not change the maximum distance for your wi-fi router.

You have too many devices connected

A wi-fi router can handle a certain amount of data at any time which is called bandwidth. If you use up this bandwidth, your connection will slow down as your router tries to process all the information. If your family are connected to the TV, computer, a gaming system and their mobiles all at once – your bandwidth may be struggling to keep up.

Big objects inside your home

Objects inside your home are far more likely to interfere with wi-fi than your roof. Solid objects such as desks, bookcases and lounges can disrupt the signals. If any of these is metal, they could be to blame. Try to find a place for your router that is away from these objects.

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