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Jun 23

Roof Insulation: Keeping Your House Warm in Winter in Australia

Just like wearing a hat on your head keeps you warm, having insulation in your roof keeps your home warm. Insulation can be installed in the roof, walls and floor. For this blog, we’ll look at how roof insulation keeps your house warmer in winter.

What are the benefits to roof insulation?

Trap heat inside: it’s estimated that 25-35% of a home’s heat escapes through the roof without insulation

Lower energy bills: keeping the heat in means less reliance on electronic heating

Reduces noise levels: adds a sound barrier between floors or from the outdoors

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When to install roof insulation

The easiest time to install roof insulation is when the roof is off – while building a new home or renovating. However, it can be installed at any time. It’s also worth considering that even the best roof insulation wasn’t meant to last forever. Moisture damage, mould and dust can all degrade your insulation. As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended you maintain or replace your insulation every 15 years.

Can I install it myself?

It might seem like an easy enough DIY project but installing insulation without proper knowledge carries risks. You need to be careful of light fittings and electrical wires that could start a fire. This job is safest when left to the roof professionals, saving you time, money and stress.

Which is the best type of roof insulation?

In Australia and New Zealand, roof insulation ratings are decided by regulatory body ICANZ. They classify them with something called an R-value, which essentially decides the thermal resistance of a range of materials. Hooky’s Roofing have plenty of experience installing roof insulation and use these guidelines to select the best material for the job. We’ve worked on both residential and commercial properties over the years and would be happy to advise on your roof insulation project.

Stay warmer this winter with quality insulation

In Australia, we’re lucky enough to have mild winters – especially around Sydney. That doesn’t mean we can take the mild weather for granted and it’s always better to be prepared. Whether you’re building, renovating or wondering if your roof insulation is up to scratch – Hooky’s Roofing can help. We have well over 20 years’ experience working on roofing projects around Sydney. To talk through your roofing project, call us on 0408 026 601 or use our online form.

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