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Mar 22

What to Do When Your Roof Springs a Leak

Can you hear water dripping or have you noticed a damp stain? Considering this almost certainly means your roof has sprung a leak, dealing with this problem without delay is crucial to protecting your home’s integrity.

Whether you’re facing wild weather or the problem has emerged without notice, stopping damage from sweeping through your home’s roof can save you a massive amount of time and money. Here are the steps you need to take to resolve the issue.

Take action

Don’t expect a roof leak to solve itself. Allowing water to slowly seep into your home can lead to several complex problems, ranging from harmful mould and mildew to collapsed ceilings and rotting beams. So, what’s the best way to take immediate action?

First, grab a bucket and place it under the leak to prevent water from accumulating inside and damaging various elements. Then, once you’ve identified the dampest part of the bulge, use a screwdriver to create a small puncture in the surface to let water escape into a container.

Protect your belongings

Next, it’s a good idea to protect your belongings, as water damage to the ceiling can have dire consequences. Move any heavy furniture and boxes away from the space while covering other objects with plastic sheets to help limit the damage.

You must be particularly weary of any electronics near the affected area, so unplug any of these and put them in a safe spot. Finally, use towels and containers to clear away as much water as possible to reduce mould growth.

Find the source

Once the immediate impact has been contained, it’s time to find the source of the roof leak. If it’s safe to do so, conduct a thorough inspection of the exterior, looking for broken tiles, overflowing gutters or any other damage that might have caused the issue.

After using tarps or roofing tape to apply a temporary fix, it’s time to get in touch with the experts to solve the problem for good. From new tiles and gutters to an entire roof replacement, getting on top of a roof leak is critical to your home’s performance come rain or shine.

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