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Mar 31

Roofing Budget: The Basics You Need to Consider

Planning a major project like a roof installation, extension or replacement requires homeowners to fully understand the costs involved. But unless you’ve been through the process before, it’s easy to get lost in the complex facts and figures.

Each element involved has a different cost depending on your precise situation, so the budget required for your dream roof is highly individual. However, a detailed appreciation of the most significant factors means you won’t get a nasty surprise. Here, we explain the basic costs your roofing budget needs to consider.

Roofing material

The material you choose for your roofing project is one of the most determining factors for the final cost. At the cheaper end of the spectrum, materials like asphalt shingles, standing seam metal and concrete tiles provide a cost-effective approach that satisfies budget-conscious homeowners.

For those with more to invest, colorbond steel, clay tiles and slate tiles are also exceptional options with a higher price tag. While these roofing materials may have a greater upfront cost, their superior longevity and performance could work out cheaper for homeowners over the coming years and decades.

Size and complexity

As you might expect, larger roofing projects cost more to complete. Although every contractor will have different costs for their services, the more labour and time required to see the job through to the end will result in higher overall expenses.

Similarly, the complexity of your roofing project can give rise to costly problems that take time to overcome. For example, roofs with multiple steep peaks and valleys are more challenging to install, while access to the site itself is another vital consideration.

Local permits

Depending on your local council, the cost of acquiring building and planning permits for a roofing project shouldn’t be overlooked. While some municipalities are easier to work with than others, this cost must be included in any roofing budget.

Although not every type of roofing project may require building and planning permits, understanding your obligations and the costs involved before launching into a new project is essential to ensure you aren’t hit with any unexpected penalties.

Ongoing costs

As mentioned, the initial upfront cost of a roofing project isn’t the only thing worth considering. For those with the extra budget available, spending more at the beginning can result in a superior roof with lower ongoing maintenance costs.

For instance, you might opt for a higher-performance material than the base option or work alongside a highly experienced contractor rather than just the cheapest you can find. Get to know your ongoing costs to save yourself cash long-term.

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