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Mar 22

What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Their Gutters

If you’re looking to keep your home’s roof operating at peak performance throughout the year, you can’t ignore its gutters. Yet countless homeowners fail to maintain these essential components until they’re rusted or overflowing with debris.

Rather than waiting for a costly and complex leak to occur, developing a sharp appreciation for your gutters and why they matter to your home ensures you avoid unnecessary dramas. Here, we delve into everything you need to know about gutters to safeguard your property.

Understand the systems

While it might seem like gutters are quite straightforward, there’s a wide variety of profiles that respond best to specific home designs, roof sizes and locations around the country. Depending on your needs, the gutters required for your home can look dramatically different.

For example, flatback gutters feature modern self-cleaning designs that largely look after themselves. Meanwhile, a half-round gutter is an ideal choice for homeowners in especially wet conditions, as these can handle an enormous amount of rainfall.

Learn about installation

Once you’ve settled on a design suitable for your climate, it helps to understand the fine details behind gutter installation. While some designs come in larger sizes, these can also place more weight on your roof, leading to structural damage if the wrong choice is made.

In addition, you need to weigh how many downpipes are suitable for your home while reducing the number of seams linking your gutter system, as these can lead to leaks. Chatting with an expert team like Hookys Roofing can help you make the perfect decision.

Maintenance is essential

It helps to understand gutter products and what makes sense for installation, but most homeowners only need to know how to care for them. Typically, it’s recommended that you undertake a comprehensive clean at least twice per year, depending on the wind and rain that sweeps through.

You should also keep an eye out for sections that have come loose from the roof line – screw them back into place before they collapse entirely. Plus, if you notice any water leaking from the seams, seal these up as soon as possible to stop the problem from getting worse.

Chat with the experts

Looking for a roof replacement or some high-quality gutters? The specialists at Hookys Roofing can help you choose the perfect product for your home. Contact the friendly team at Hookys Roofing today on 0408 026 601 or fill out our online enquiry form to learn more.

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