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Dec 08

What to Consider When Choosing the Colour of Your Roof

Selecting the perfect roof design for your home isn’t always a straightforward decision, especially when you must choose a specific colour. Although this decision might seem simple on the surface, you must first reflect on several key considerations before arriving at the ideal solution for your home.

To ensure you don’t make a mistake that’s hard to rectify, we’ve covered just a few ideas that will help you discover a spectacular roof colour. From an appreciation of architectural styles to the appearance of neighbouring homes, pay careful attention to these factors before rushing into a decision.


Design aesthetics

Not every colour will suit the architecture and design of your home. Depending on its overall aesthetic, a slightly more modern approach might make better sense over a time-tested classic. So, how do you know which colours match different architectural styles?

Typically, contemporary homes are now fitted with roofs featuring earthy tones of grey, green, brown and cream. However, your choice should also reflect your surrounding environment, with coastal properties often suiting brighter colours and lighter shades that add even more personality.


Local community

You also have to consider the local community when choosing a colour for your roof. Although you might want to stand out, it’s easy to imagine your neighbours getting annoyed if you choose a vibrant hue that goes against the neighbourhood’s character.

In fact, some local councils have rules to protect against this specific event, so always review your area’s regulations to avoid your decision causing trouble. With the right approach, you can design a beautiful home without sending the nearby residents into a spin.


Year-round climate

If your local area experiences a harsh climate, you must consider the colour of your roof carefully. With your decision vital to your home’s energy usage, selecting a lighter colour can significantly reduce your summer cooling costs.

Making the right choice can mean saving hundreds of electricity costs throughout the year. However, homes in colder climates can benefit from a dark roof that absorbs more heat in winter. Always consider your region’s weather to make the ideal move.


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