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Dec 08

How to address rooftop algae and moss

If you’ve noticed a build up of green algae and moss on your roof, you might wonder what causes these problematic substances to burst into life. The answer is humidity and moisture, with uncleaned gutters and scattered debris leading to water being unable to disperse from your rooftop surface.

Depending on where you live in Australia, it’s common to see roofs covered with unappealing spots and spurts of greenery. However, removing moss, algae and lichen is essential for creating a home with outstanding performance.


The problems created by algae and moss

Not worried about the algae and moss that’s grown on your roof? You should be, as these organisms can cause serious issues for your roof’s longevity and performance.


Stained surfaces

If you’re looking to create the most attractive home, keep an eye out for algae growing on your roof. These ugly green, blue and grey stains can grow on most rooftop surfaces, including tiles, slate and metal, with organic waste that doesn’t get cleared away often being the culprit.

You can stop algae from forming on your roof by trimming overhanging trees, getting rid of debris and cleaning your gutters. This will ensure your home looks beautiful while preventing structural issues caused by these substances.


Damaged tiles and structure

While algae and moss can stain your rooftop, the latter can also cause major concerns with your tiles. If moss is allowed to grow out of control, it can dig in beneath tiles and shingles, causing them to crack and detach from the surface.

This gives rainwater and other junk the chance to penetrate the interior section of your rooftop, leading to leaks and damage that can be costly to repair. Remove algae and moss whenever it appears to avoid getting yourself into a tricky and potentially expensive situation.


How to clean algae and moss

The easiest way to remove algae and moss from your roof is to hire a professional team to handle the job. However, you can deal with this issue with a garden sprayer, an anti-moss cleaning solution and safety equipment.

On a clear and still day, use the garden sprayer to apply cleaning liquid to affected areas. After letting it soak in for around 30 minutes, wash it away with a broom and a regular garden hose. In a couple of weeks, the problem should have cleared up.


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