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Dec 08

How to Plan the Perfect Roof for Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the easiest ways to benefit from a powerful, reliable and eco-conscious energy source. However, if you’re planning on installing a new roof soon, you might be confused about what factors go into creating the ideal sun-powered solution.

With solar panels helping to reduce your home’s energy bills while playing a role in the fight against climate change, making the right decisions with your roof’s planning means you can benefit for years to come. Here, we highlight what you need to consider when installing solar panels on your roof.


Get your orientation right

While solar panel performance has skyrocketed over the last decade, you can’t expect your roof to generate incredible power if the orientation isn’t suitable for the sun. For the ideal solution, the long side of your roof should face directly north.

However, people living in bustling inner-city neighbourhoods may have to make compromises if nearby properties and structures overshadow the perfect spot. Fortunately, solar panels positioned in the northwest or even east-west directions can still deliver solid performance.


Understand available space

The available space on your rooftop can significantly impact the energy you can expect to generate from your home’s solar panels. Naturally, roofs with a continuous and consistent design make it simpler to install a high density of panels over those with numerous small and slopped sections.

If you’re serious about generating maximum solar energy for your home, considering a roof design with as few shady spots and complex corners as possible will make your life easier. Trimming overhanging trees may also improve the viable space for solar panels.


Consider the pitch

The pitch of your home’s roof is also critical to its solar power performance. Although it gets a little complicated, the ideal roof pitch for Australian homes is typically equal to the location’s latitude angle. In Sydney, this equates to a 34-degree angle.

Although it’s still possible to install solar panels on roofs that can’t reach this pitch, ‌you will lose a small percentage of solar output that changes depending on the difference. When discussing a new roof with your expert team, always raise your interest in solar panels.


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