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Jul 15

How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

As we reach the middle of winter, we’re all feeling the drop in temperatures. The mornings are cooler, evenings darker, and you wish you could hibernate with the heater on. As tempting as this is, it’s going to wreak havoc on your energy bills. We all like to save a bit of money here and there and it can be done with just a few simple habit changes and upgrades. Here’s 4 of our top tips for saving money on your energy bills.

Insulate Your Roof

As one of the largest surfaces of your entire home, your roof is a main area that is susceptible to heat loss. With proper insulation, you should find that warm air is held inside the home rather than escaping through open areas. Effective insulation has been shown to reduce heating and cooling costs by anywhere from 20-50% for the average household. It’s a year-round investment that, installed properly, will last for many more years to come.

Light Up the Sky

Natural light is another one of your best assets when it comes to energy saving. If your home is lacking in window space, you might consider installing a sky light to allow more light through. When electric lighting is inevitable, there are still some ways to save. LED lightbulbs are more energy efficient and thus should be your top choice. There’s also no reason to light up an empty room, so be sure to check that lights and other power switches are off when not needed.

Consider Solar Panels

Far from being considered an alternate energy source, solar is now one of the mainstream players. Solar panels are a great way to adapt natural resources into energy, and some households can be run entirely on solar; from their kitchen to their hot water system. Limitations on your solar energy capacity include the size of the system, the direction your roof faces, and how much sun it receives during the day. As a sustainable energy source, solar is both good for your bills and for our planet.

Energy Efficient Appliances

With every year, our appliances become more energy efficient and cheaper to run. If you have old appliances – from dishwashers to fridges, washing machines or dryers – it may be time to consider an upgrade. A bit of money now could save you greatly in running costs later. You can also save money by using your appliances wisely. For example, washing clothes on a cold cycle, only running the dishwasher once full and line drying clothes all-year round.

Set Up Your Roof for Success

From insulation to sky lights, Hooky’s Roofing can help you save valuable dollars when it comes to energy bills. We’re industry experts who have been servicing greater Sydney for more than 20 years. To see how our skilled team of tradesmen can help you, call us on 0408 026 601 or submit a message online and we’ll be in touch soon.

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