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Jan 22

Metal vs. Tile Roofing

It’s an age-old question; is metal or tile roofing the best choice? There is no single answer but there’s still value in comparing the two most popular materials. Read on for a breakdown of the main features of both metal and tile.


Tile is the winner here, only by a slight margin. Tile roofing should last up to 100 years while metal roofing gets a decent 70 years. It’s worth noting that metal requires less maintenance than tile.


If your roof should break, can you fix it? With tile reroofing, the answer is generally yes. With metal roofing, a full replacement is the best option. Given the generous lifespans of both materials, this should only be a minor consideration in your choices.


The look of your roof is entirely subjective, so the winner for aesthetics has to be both materials. Tile is more traditional and common in heritage areas. Metal is growing in attractiveness with more colour options and styles available than ever before.

Environmental impact

Metal takes the crown on this one. It’s easily recycled and often made from recycled materials. It also has great energy efficiency; helping to lower your energy bills. Tile gets special mention for its great sound insulation though.

Weather resistance

Once again, they’re both winners here. Metal is tough when it comes to wind, rain, hail and even fire. Good quality tiles are fire resistant, shouldn’t rot and avoid corrosion from salty sea air.

A question of quality

Just like your home appliances and furniture; quality makes all the difference. A cheap fridge will struggle to keep cool and a cheap roof will buckle under the pressure of protecting your home. The most durable, worthwhile roofing uses quality products and is installed by a professional team of roof experts. At the end of the day, that’s the biggest comparison you should make. Browse our past projects to see quality work first-hand.

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