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Dec 24

The Advantages of a Tile Roof

Tile roofing has been a staple of home design for centuries and carries just as many benefits today as it did when it was first chosen. Here are some of the top advantages to choosing a tile roof.

Weather Resistant

One of the reasons tile roofing is popular is its longevity. Designed to last up to 100 years, you’ll rarely have to think about your roof once you have a quality tile installation. This longevity is partly due to the weather resistance. Tile roofing won’t rot, is resistant to fire/insect damage, and stands up to the test of heavy rains. It’s also ideal for areas with coastal air as the salt won’t corrode the material.

Easy to maintain

For the most part, a well-installed tile roof is going to be set it and forget it. However, weatherproof and failproof are two very different things. It is possible for tile roofing to be cracked or damaged by accident. The good news is, should this happen, tile re-roofing is an option. You can simply repair the portion of your roof that has been damaged or worn over time rather than worry about dealing with the entire roof at once.


Tile roofing is great at keeping your house warm or cool depending on the season. Air is able to circulate beneath the tiles which ensures you won’t have trapped warm air in your roof during summer. During the cooler months, the tiles will absorb sunlight and produce an extra layer of heat in your home.

Sound proofing

The density of the tiles can help reduce external noises like airplanes, traffic and rain or hail. You’ll be sleeping soundly no matter what is going on outside.


A terracotta roof is an attractive addition to most homes; whether modern or heritage designs are in place. High quality terracotta tiles will have been baked and sealed to prevent colours from fading. There are now many more colours to choose from with browns, blacks and of course the ever popular orange available. Hooky’s Roofing use Monier roof tiles which have a wide colour range to choose from.

Tidy up your terracotta tile roof

When your terracotta tiles are in disrepair; there’s no need to trade in your roof. Hooky’s Roofing have experienced contractors to provide tile re-roofing that will bring it back to life. With more than two decades of satisfied customers on our books, we’re the experts that Sydney trusts to put a roof over their head. For a free quote on our services, call 0408 026 601 or submit a message online.

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