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May 05

How to Prepare Your Roof for the Stormy Season

As winter is fast approaching, now is the perfect time to ensure your roof can withstand the heavy rain and storms that come with this time of year.

With a downpour coming through your roof not anyone’s idea of a good time, making the effort to conduct a thorough inspection alongside some simple maintenance will save you from a flooded home.

Here, we explore the best ways to prepare your roof while advising on potential issues that may need to be resolved before the winter weather arrives.

Sweep your gutters and downpipes

Clearing your gutters and downpipes is essential before the worst of the wet season reaches your part of the country. If these crucial waterways become blocked, it causes rainwater to stray underneath your roof tiles while leaking into other unwanted areas.

Gutters and downpipes that have been bent or dented also cause flow issues, while a build-up of wet debris leads to rust and can even cause your eaves to collapse. Review these crucial areas to ensure you don’t encounter any problems.

Cut back overhanging trees

Stormy winters bring strong winds that cause overhanging trees to whip around at a dangerous pace. If these are overhanging your home, there’s a high chance that branches and other materials will fall and damage your roof.

With a big enough branch, you might find it comes crashing right through your interior space. If you’re worried that a dense tree is suspended above your home in a threatening position, make sure these get trimmed back at least two metres beyond your roof’s edge.

Check for broken tiles and shingles

If your roof is made from tiles or shingles, you must carefully check to see whether any materials are cracked or have gone missing. If they have, these need to be replaced to ensure you don’t experience any unnecessary roof leaks.

Meanwhile, missing or damaged tiles and shingles can also cause the surrounding area of the roof to degrade quicker, as greater exposure to wind, rain and heat negatively impacts the structural integrity of your space.

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