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Jul 05

Comparing Types: Which Metal Roofing Panel is Best?

Metal roofing is one of the most popular choices for your home in Australia, with this material renowned for its incredible durability, modern appearance and cost-effectiveness. However, with several types of metal roofing to explore, finding the one that makes the most sense for your home isn’t always straightforward. Here, we weigh up the pros and cons of the most common options to help you discover the best metal roofing material for your needs.


There are numerous excellent reasons to choose steel for your home. With Colorbond Steel the most popular roofing material in Australia, this material offers a superior performance-to-weight ratio over many other options and is often simple to install. Featuring an estimated lifespan of at least 50 years, Colorbond steel metal roofing is also highly durable against the local climate, plus it’s recyclable when it’s time for a replacement.


While aluminium metal roofing is not as common as steel in Australia, it’s sought-after by homeowners seeking a contemporary design. As aluminium is softer than steel, it can be moulded into more complex shapes, making it especially suitable for modern architecture. In addition, aluminium is corrosion-resistant, so it’s a stellar choice for homes situated near the coast. For an aesthetically pleasing and resilient material, aluminium is tough to beat.


You won’t see a lot of homes with copper roofs, mostly due to the high cost, but it’s undoubtedly a compelling option if you’ve got room in your budget. Renowned for its rust-resistant nature, you can trust a copper roof to last a lifetime. Plus, it’s undeniably beautiful, with copper’s sleek and subtle colour making the perfect addition to a luxurious home. However, copper is a soft metal, so you’ll have to check regularly for damage and debris.


Metal roofs made from zinc are a common sight in Australia. This type of panel provides remarkable longevity, with some varieties rated to last 100 years with proper maintenance. Zinc also provides outstanding resistance to corrosion while offering a low-key modern appearance. Although a zinc roof requires greater investment upfront, its long-lasting nature makes it a standout option for countless homes.

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