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Apr 16

Top Trends in Roof Tiles: Enhancing Curb Appeal and Longevity

We’ve used roof tiles for hundreds of years, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be innovated upon. As owners look for new ways to enhance their home’s appeal and longevity, getting to know the latest trends in roof tiles ensures you heighten your abode’s design and performance.

To help you get up to date, we’ve highlighted a selection of leading trends bound to elevate your home’s look and function. From energy-saving materials to stylish solar options, these tiling trends help prepare your home for an aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting future.


Colour selection for energy savings

Conserving energy is essential for many homeowners to save costs and reduce environmental impact. Fortunately, selecting lighter-coloured tiles can go a long way to slashing your energy usage. While some prefer a subtle black or grey roof, a home featuring white, beige or tan tiles reflects more than 60% of sunlight.

Naturally, this helps keep temperatures inside cooler and more stable throughout the year. Therefore, you won’t feel the need to run your heating or cooling system nearly as often. With homeowners gravitating towards lighter tones for their roof, consider how you can reduce your energy usage while boosting aesthetics.


Solar-powered style and function

Solar panels are now common across Australia. However, for many homeowners, one downside remains their rather unattractive appearance. The recent rise of solar tiles has provided a smart way forward, as you can charge your home’s batteries but also benefit from a clean, modern look.

So, how do they work? Made from photovoltaic cells, solar tiles interconnect with each other and a power distribution board. This allows your tiles to absorb sunlight year-round. Plus, you can use as many or as few solar tiles as you need, helping to create the perfect setup for your budget and location.


Lighter, stronger materials for greater longevity

You don’t want to add needless weight to your home as it stresses out your beams and can lead to problems like sagging. That’s why many of the latest roof tiles are produced from lightweight materials that don’t sacrifice performance or add needless bulk to your home’s structure.

You’ll also find that roof tiles are being increasingly produced with stronger materials in mind, helping to withstand Australia’s harsh climate. Whether you’re worried about damaging rain, wind or sun, opting for tiles featuring innovative materials will enhance your home’s performance.


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