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Jul 05

Step-by-Step Installation of Metal Roofing Panels

Installing a metal roof is wise for your home’s longevity and performance. Stylish, sturdy and low maintenance, this material combines several advantages, making it an attractive option. Plus, it’s relatively easy to install. To help you understand the process, we’ve broken down the key steps required to deck out your home with a new metal roof.

Step 1: Measure and prepare the roof

Before you can begin installing metal roof panels, you need to measure the size of your roof. While every roof design is different, you can calculate a basic gable-style roof by measuring the length from end to end, then the slope height from the eaves to the ridge. To work out the total roof area, multiply the roof length by the slope height, then times this number by two. Although this doesn’t account for skylights, chimneys and other features, it provides a helpful estimate of your roof size.

Step 2: Acquire roofing materials

Now that you’ve worked out your total roof area, add 10% to this figure when purchasing metal roof panels. As some are bound to get damaged during the building process, having excess materials will save a big headache in the future. You also need to consider the tools required for the job. At a minimum, you’ll need a roofing hammer, a drill, tin snips, ladders and measuring equipment. Don’t forget to add safety gear like gloves and a harness.

Step 2: Install the underlayment

Before the metal roof panels can go down, roll out the underlayment. Set between your roof deck and the metal panels, it provides a crucial moisture barrier that prevents rain from getting inside. There are many roof underlayments to choose from, with the one most appropriate for your home depending on the climate and your budget. Chat with the experts at Hooky’s Roofing to learn more.

Step 3: Install metal panels, edging and flashing

Once the underlayment is installed, you can move on to the metal components. This process begins with edging laid around the perimeter of your roof. These typically overlap the edges of the gutter and attach to the subfloor with nails. Next, install the metal sheets with a slight overlap, starting with the longest panels. Finally, flashing is added to cover the joints in the roof to prevent weather from entering and safeguard weak spots.

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