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Mar 09

6 Quick Tips for Inspecting Your Home’s Roof

Inspecting your home’s roof tiles regularly is the ideal way to avoid encountering any problematic issues. However, many people simply don’t know when they are looking at a problem, so we’ve put together a series of quick tips to help you complete your inspection. Consider these tips and make sure your roof remains in perfect working order.

Check for sagging and damage

Look for areas of the roof that appear to be sagging as you walk around the outside of your home. This could signal a potentially serious issue with the structure underneath that may have been caused by long-term water damage or standard wear and tear.

Look for moss

It’s common to find moss and algae growing on roof tiles. While a small amount might not be a major issue, it could eventually grow underneath shingles and tiles, causing them to shift and create weak spots. Meanwhile, moss can also produce unnecessary moisture, leading to a greater chance of roof leaks.

Inspect your shingles

If your home uses shingles, these need to remain in tip-top condition to ensure your roof continues to perform at a high standard. When conducting your inspection, look for shingles that have warped or are simply missing. These issues can see water flow freely inside while also impacting your property’s ventilation.

Scan for dirt and overflowing gutters

Depending on the roofing material used for your home, allowing moisture to gather can cause severe problems down the line. Therefore, you must regularly inspect and clean your gutters to avoid them becoming inundated with leaves and grime. This way, rainwater will flow freely along your pipes.

Review your counter flashing

Counter flashing is a crucial part of every high-quality roof, as it redirects water away from your chimneys, dormers and ventilation pipes so it can’t enter the interior structure. Always check that your counter flashing isn’t bent out of shape or cracked to ensure water remains on the outside.

Examine your skylights

As skylights age, they can become a frequent culprit in leaks and water damage that seeps into homes. By conducting regular inspections from the inside and out, including seals and stress cracks, you can ensure these features don’t cause any headaches.

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