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Feb 09

Why Zinc Roofing Might Be the Perfect Material for Your Home

When choosing the ideal roofing material for your home, make sure you consider all the options. Zinc is one material that you definitely shouldn’t overlook, with this remarkably adaptive product easily handling the harsh Australian climate for over 50 years.
However, it’s not just environmental concerns that make zinc cladding a popular choice. This architectural panel system also offers homeowners benefits ranging from incredibly low maintenance to forward-thinking aesthetic qualities.

Here, we cover the standout reasons for considering zinc when undertaking your next roofing project.

Green and sustainable

If you’re looking to create the most environmentally friendly home, choosing zinc as your roofing material is a superb choice. Why? Zinc has a significantly lower melting point than steel or copper, ensuring it requires far less energy to produce. Zinc is also recyclable indefinitely with no loss in quality. That means when the life span of your roof reaches an end, it can be repurposed without wasting any more energy. Meanwhile, zinc is made from non-toxic materials, so your roof runoff doesn’t harm the earth.

Highly adaptable

For structures with unique roofing designs, zinc is often the best material for the job. As the properties that underpin zinc are soft and pliable, it’s outstanding for complex projects that require materials to be shaped into a myriad of shapes. With this in mind, homeowners looking to produce a stunning, architecturally designed home often choose zinc as their roofing material. Even with a highly complicated design, bending zinc into shape won’t lose any durability or performance benefits.

Durable and rust-resistant 

As wet and wild weather impacts many parts of Australia, you must always consider how your roofing material will withstand the climate. Zinc is a top-notch choice for those concerned with corrosion and moisture, which can lead to significant damage. With zinc coated in a protective layer known as zinc hydroxyl carbonate, this limits how the material reacts to water and oxygen. Meanwhile, zinc isn’t negatively impacted by strong UV light, making it particularly great for homes in Australia.

Low maintenance

Thanks to these protective properties, zinc requires remarkably low maintenance to perform to the highest standards. In fact, the previously mentioned coating provides zinc with self-healing qualities which mean scratches simply fix themselves. To ensure your zinc roof lasts for decades, simply undertaking standard maintenance does the job. For instance, you should remove any foreign matter that gathers on the surface while regularly cleaning the gutters to ensure moisture flows from the roof.

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