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Nov 22

5 Surprising Things You Can Recycle

We’re all keen to do our part for our environment and recycling as much as possible is a step in the right direction. You may not be able to put these things into your home recycling bin, but if you find the right recycling plant or collection centre they can definitely be reused.

1. Toilets & similar porcelain fixtures

The last thing we think about when we’re getting rid of an old toilet is how we can reuse it. But porcelain is actually a highly recyclable material which can be crushed and mixed into concrete for footpaths, roads and other base structures.

2. Metal roofing

We all know that metals are easily recycled but when it comes to big fixtures like our roofs, we don’t know how to get the job done. Scrap metal yards will happily take most of your old metal roofing for reuse and the process of repurposing them uses far less energy than production of new metal products. Colorbond roofing uses recycled materials which means you shouldn’t feel guilty about installing that new roof either.

3. E-waste

Even if your old electronics have stopped working, there is still the potential for some parts to be reused. Old desktop computers, laptops, mobiles, TVs and even microwaves have some potential to be recycled. Use NetWaste for find an e-waste collection in your area or contact your local council for details.

4. Mattresses

When you’ve had a mattress for a few years it may not be viable to donate it for anyone else to use. Luckily there are mattress recycling programs that will take your unwanted mattress and turn it into other materials. Soft Landing is a mattress recycling program with multiple collection and drop off points in Sydney and NSW.

5. Eyeglasses? (Prescription)

Updating your prescription glasses when your eyesight changes is a modern luxury many of us don’t realise we have. In many developing countries, it’s expensive to access proper eyecare. There are multiple recycling programs designed to bridge this gap. If you have old prescription glasses you no longer use, Specsavers will donate them to a person in need.

Do your part with recycled metal roofing

There’s value in holding onto our products as long as possible to reduce our wasteful impacts on our earth, but with recycled materials you can have your brand-new roof with a much smaller impact. Hooky’s Roofing are Sydney’s professional roof installers with 20 years of experience bringing old roofs to new heights. Call 0408 026 601 or submit your details online for a free quote.

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