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Mar 12

How does the colour of my roof impact energy efficiency?

With Australia’s climate brutal in many parts of the country, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the colour of your roof can dramatically impact your property’s energy efficiency. Just as you wouldn’t head to the beach covered from head-to-toe in black clothing, there’s been a whole lot of research into how lighter roofing shades can keep energy usage down. Here, we take a look at some of the main ways the colour of your roof can significantly impact what’s going on inside.

Lighter colours reflect more sun

Although metal roofing helps improve the energy efficiency of a residential home or commercial property, the colour you choose is also hugely important. As you might expect, a black roof is bound to absorb considerably more heat than a lighter alternative. In fact, a study commissioned by the Roofing Tile Association of Australia found that light coloured tiles yielded “energy savings between 25-36 per cent compared to dark coloured tiles”. By making the change, you’ll undoubtedly see big savings on your future energy bills. Especially for residents in Sydney’s sunny northern beaches areas.

However, colour isn’t the only factor

While considerable research has shown that the colour of your roof will impact your energy efficiency, it’s not the only thing that matters. Alongside colour, your property’s orientation and use of passive design principles will also determine whether you need to switch on the heating or cooling. Meanwhile, your ventilation and insulation standards also influence how much heat is absorbed.

However, studies have found that dark roofs can cause the cavity below to become up to nine degrees hotter compared to properties with light roofs. In more extreme climates, this can harm the strength and longevity of the entire roof structure.

Always consider your needs

Although the difference in temperatures caused by light and dark roofs can be quite stark, this may not matter much depending on where you live in the country. For instance, if you live somewhere with a cooler climate like Melbourne or Canberra, the benefits of a light roof might be outweighed if you have to turn on the heating in winter. So if you have to choose the colour of your roof, make sure you consider the kind of climate you live in. Additionally, COLORBOND roofing uses a topcoat of specially designed paint to provide better sun deflection and resistance to blistering and flaking. Light colours like Surfmist, Windspray and Shale Grey have low solar reflective indexes which are perfect for sunny climates. Also MATT COLORBOND has great, low solar reflective index for basic compliance.

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