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Nov 04

4 Dangers of Delaying a Roof Replacement

Home maintenance is a time-consuming and potentially costly process. But the risk of delaying a much-needed roof replacement could leave you in a much worse position than taking action when it’s obviously required.

While you might be able to delay some other forms of home maintenance for extended periods, the consequences of leaving a damaged roof unattended will undoubtedly compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Consider taking a closer look at the condition of your roof to determine whether your roof needs a replacement sooner rather than later. Here are five compelling reasons for doing so today.

Avoidable roof leaks

Although some damage to a roof might be difficult to spot, most people quickly find out when there’s a large-scale leak damaging the interior of their home. There are several different types of damage that occur from leaks, but some of the most common include roof rot, mildew growth and warped plasterboards. With many parts of Australia experiencing intense wet weather, keeping on top of leaks is essential to maintaining your home’s liveability.

More expensive in the long run

If your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan or was installed inadequately, the ongoing repair costs can add up substantially. But sinking more money into a flawed roof is much like sending a thrashed car to the mechanic repeatedly instead of investing in something new. Rather than wasting money on a roof that needs to go, a proactive approach to roof replacement can save you cash in the coming years.

Reduced energy efficiency

A high-quality roof is excellent for the energy efficiency of your property. However, a roof that has become damaged will dramatically limit the performance of your home, leading to the rising cost of your energy bills. Whether you’re attempting to heat or cool your home depending on the season, inadequate insulation and ventilation due to leaks and structural damage mean a roof can’t meet your needs.

Increased fire risk

Alongside the risk of structural damage, a roof that needs replacing can also create a genuine fire hazard in your home. With electrical cables and other sensitive systems kept inside your ceiling, a situation where water can enter the mix will lead to short-circuiting and other dangerous circumstances. Keeping the environment out of your home is vital to your safety.

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