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Feb 05

The Benefits of Zinc Roofing

Not all metals are created equally. Whilst some are highly recyclable and stand the test of time when exposed to the harsh, Australian elements, others prove disastrously corrosive, and are liable to collapse at any moment. This is why it is essential you select a reliable material when you are erecting a new or replacement roof.

For over 300 years, zinc has been frequently utilised in roofing, thanks to its durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Today, it is still incredibly popular, now with the additional possibilities existing in the realm of aesthetics.

In this blog, we discuss the benefits of zinc roofing.

Environmental Impact

At a time in our history when we have to be mindful of our impact on the environment around us, we have to think about how we can reduce our energy output. In producing zinc, the energy required is far less than other non-ferrous types of metals, such as copper, aluminium, and even metal made from recycled materials.

To make it even more favourable, thanks to its low melting point, smaller amounts of fuel are needed to fabricate zinc, compared with its alternatives. Zinc is also completely recyclable, retaining nearly all of its initial energy content, and can be re-purposed elsewhere without ruining.


Zinc sports a naturally softer alloy in comparison with other metals used for roofing, leaving it more malleable for aesthetic designs, and sturdy when providing protection. For this reason, if a zinc roof is properly installed, it will boast a far longer lifespan, potentially outliving those who pay for it, whilst also retaining a visually pleasing design.


As many people will be aware, high prices aren’t just a reflection of demand, but also the accumulation of expenses that surround a material’s production and transportation. Thanks to the ease of its manufacture and lightweight design, leading to cheaper freight, all savings are passed down to the consumer, making it a highly cost effective roofing option.

Low Toxicity

A very real concern of many homeowners – especially those with small children and pets – is the toxicity that surrounds the materials around them. Studies within the roofing industry have found zinc is safe for nature and those in proximity with it, being a non-corrosive metal with a 100% clear, and non-toxic water runoff.

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