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Nov 03

Signs Your Home Urgently Needs a Roof Replacement: Don’t Ignore These Red Flag

It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to looking after your home’s roof. However, considering the time, stress and costs involved with carrying out unexpected repairs, knowing when to undertake a full-scale roof replacement is essential. To help you pick up on the most important red flags when they appear, we’ve highlighted a selection that signals it’s time to replace your roof.


Leaks, droops and sags

It shouldn’t be difficult to spot leaks, droops and sags when your roof is showing signs it’s about to fail. With many of these issues caused by internal structural damage, putting off dealing with these problems can lead to far more serious concerns. Therefore, if you’ve noticed water coming in through the walls or spots where the tiles are sagging, make sure you contact an expert team to get their advice.


Damaged flashing and materials

Homeowners should remain vigilant about damaged roof materials by conducting visual inspections every few months. If you notice that your flashing is coming loose, there are numerous cracked tiles or rust has started to appear, completing a full-scale roof replacement might be the best decision. This way, you can avoid a dramatic failure and benefit from everything a modern roof offers.


Moss and mildew

Noticed green spots on your roof? This is a red flag that your home is experiencing roof leaks and other water damage. Although it might not seem like a big deal if greenery is clinging to your roof, these organic materials can creep into the interior cavities, leading to potential health concerns from nasty airborne bacteria. Sometimes a roof replacement is the best way to manage this problematic situation.


Lifespan is over

Every type of roof has a different lifespan. Those made from metal are expected to last about 40 years, while a tile roof can last upwards of 50 years. If you know your roof is reaching the end of its expected life cycle, organising a roof replacement is a forward-thinking move. Rather than waiting for your roof to fail, taking action ahead of schedule can help prevent major problems in the future.


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