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May 16

How to Solve the Most Common Gutter Problems

The onset of winter means wet and wild weather is just around the corner. Unfortunately, if your gutters aren’t in the best shape to deal with this climate, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a problematic roofing issue that costs time and money to fix.

However, solving many of the most common guttering concerns is relatively straightforward. Here, we delve into the issues most commonly experienced by homeowners and provide clear advice on what to do next to ensure you overcome your problem.

Clogged gutters

Blocked and clogged gutters are undoubtedly the most common guttering issue. As leaves and debris from nearby trees land on your roof and slide into your gutters, it often doesn’t take long for a guttering system to become plugged with harmful waste.

While it might not seem like a major problem, clogged gutters can impact your home’s foundations while causing structural concerns and household mould. Luckily, using a ladder to climb up and remove debris by hand usually does the trick to unblock your system.

Damaged and leaking gutters

Gutters that haven’t been cared for properly will eventually spring a leak. Whether that’s due to corrosion from the harsh sun or a blockage that has caused a sag, you need to take action before your system breaks away entirely from your home.

Remember that a failing gutter system can see rainwater enter unwanted parts of the roof, walls and foundation, leading to leaks, mould and damage. Regularly inspect your home’s gutters for rusty screws, faulty brackets and buckling sections to address any issues.

Poor-quality pitching

When a new gutter system is installed, it must have a slight angle to ensure water properly flows around your home and through the downpipes. However, incorrectly pitched gutters can lead to standing pools of water that cause lasting damage.

For example, leaves and debris will get stuck in the gutters, while you might discover leaks coming through the walls. If you suspect your gutters have been improperly pitched, it’s possible to adjust the hangers yourself or hire expert help who knows precisely how to improve the flow.

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