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Feb 20

How to Prepare Your Roof for Bushfire Season

Australia’s hot and intense summer climate means bushfires are hugely concerning for countless people around the country. While these disastrous events often begin in rural areas, they can reach outer metropolitan neighbourhoods with the right conditions. This means you can never be too prepared for bushfires.

The roof is the ideal place to start when protecting your home. With ember attacks igniting houses several kilometres from the fire front, frequent roof maintenance reduces the likelihood of your property being set alight. Below, we explore the fundamental strategies for safeguarding your home during bushfire season.

Clean your gutters

According to some studies, between 75 and 80 percent of homes destroyed during a bushfire are due to ember attacks rather than direct contact with the flames. Depending on the wind speed of the event, everything from burning bark fragments to tiny twigs can start a fire in your garden or on the roof.

To prevent these embers from causing a problem, you need to reduce the amount of flammable fuel available. This means clearing your gutters of leaves and debris frequently before and during summer. Meanwhile, installing bushfire-certified gutter guards can save time and stress.

Remove nearby foliage

Once your gutters are free from hazardous materials, it’s time to focus your attention on nearby foliage. In bushfire-prone areas, it’s recommended homeowners create a defendable space of 20 metres around their property. Meanwhile, the home should be at least five metres from sheds and garages.

You should also keep the grass mowed to less than 10 centimetres, as fires can whip through long grass much faster than many expect. Alongside thorough weeding and raking, starving the fire of this fuel could save your home from a dangerous bushfire.

Fill cracks and replace tiles

Next, you need to look for cracks in your roof that could let embers inside. With wooden beams and household insulation easily ignited, filling any rooftop gaps ensures a robust barrier exists between the outside elements and the interior of your home.

In addition, avoid storing items in the attic that could contribute to a fire’s intensity. If you’re planning on building a new home in a bushfire area or have decided on a roof replacement, Hooky’s Roofing also offers bushfire-rated COLORBOND metal roofing, including BAL-40, BAL-29 and BAL-19.

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