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Dec 20

How to Prepare Your Home for a Roof Replacement

Installing a new roof will help protect your home for decades to come. But there’s no doubt that the work required can be disruptive to your everyday life, depending on the size of the job. Rather than putting off this project and potentially damaging your home, it helps to have a detailed plan that dramatically reduces the hassle involved with a much-needed roof replacement. Here, we provide some quick tips to get you started.

Make plans for your kids and pets

When it’s time for the roofers to arrive and start the installation process, there can be a lot of movement and potential hazards appearing on-site. If you have young children or pets that might be disrupted by these works, it’s always a good idea to make plans ahead of time to avoid any needless issues. For example, see if friends will look after your dog for a few days or drop your kids off at the grandparents.

Remove valuables in the attic

If your home has an attic space, this is the perfect place to store unneeded items throughout the year. But that doesn’t mean you want these things to get damaged. As you might expect, a full-scale roof replacement involves a lot of work focused on this area, so removing any valuables from the attic will save you any problems in the future. With dust and debris accumulating during the roof replacement, carefully cover your items or shift them into another room.

Take down fragile items

Just like your attic, the rest of your home can undergo some considerable vibrations that might cause items throughout the interior to move around. If you have some much-loved art on the wall or a particular vase that could end up falling over, don’t take a risk with these valuables. Simply take these down and place them in a secure room to ensure nothing you need becomes an unfortunate casualty.

Prepare your garden

If you want to minimise the amount of disruption generated by a roof replacement, it helps to prepare your garden before the contractors arrive. This means trimming any overhanging trees, ensuring there’s plenty of access for equipment and shifting patio furniture that might get in the way. With your garden cleaned up, the work can start and finish sooner.

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