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Mar 21

5 Reasons Not to DIY Your Roof According to the Professionals

There’s a lot of information on DIY home projects available these days; from online sources to TV shows. But there are some projects that are best left to the professionals and your roof is one of them. Here’s 5 reasons not to DIY your roof, no matter how tempting.

  • It Won’t Last as Long

There are two important factors determining the lifespan of a roof; first the materials used and second the quality of installation. A quality installation from a professional with years of experience means you can be sure it will last for decades, as it should. There’s also a good chance your inexperience could mean you miss a serious problem and end up with another repair job on your hands.

  • You Won’t Save Money

Most people assume they can do things for cheaper DIY, but that’s typically because they don’t pay themselves for labour. The truth is a professional can pinpoint exactly how much of your roof needs fixing or replacing, assess the best material for the job and get you a wholesale price on materials with their industry connections. Their knowledge and expertise mean you’ll get a fair price for the job.

  • You Won’t Have a Warranty

What if something happens to your new or repaired roof? You can’t give yourself a warranty and unfortunately things like unexpected weather events can wreak havoc on a roof. Professional roofers offer a warranty on their products and installation, so you’ll be covered. For example, a Hooky’s Roofing Colorbond residential roof replacements comes with a 10 year workmanship warranty.

  • You Don’t Have the Time

Roofs are an essential part of your home for protecting you and your belongings. When repairs are in order it’s generally an urgent matter. There’s no use fixing your roof every other weekend or when you can squeeze in the time. A professional repair job will be fast, effective and last for years.

  • OH&S Doesn’t Apply for DIY

Your mate Greg and yourself up on the top of your house is an accident waiting to happen. It’s simple really; roofing projects, like many construction industries, can be dangerous. Professional roofers have insurance and OH&S standards that protect them because they’ve chosen to be in this industry.

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