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Highly regarded in architectural design, VM Zinc, Aluminium & Matt Colorbond cladding has fast become desiredmaterial for modern facade and roofing applications to improve the appearance of the building. The composition is normally selected based on design and budget, as each of the metals have very different tolerances. In most cases the installation specifications are very similar to roofing.

Metal cladding comes in numerous profiles in all the above metal compositions.

Most common profiles are:

Standing single seam

Architectural cassette panel

Snap lock panel

Nail strip panel

Installation involves applying the selected custom metal material over a pre-ply base with proctor wraptite insulator, creating a skin or layer and is used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and fully waterproof barrier underneath the cladding. We also use the CSR proctor insulators for metal roofing on our cladding installations. (see our insulation page for more information)

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